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Internationally unknown Singer/ Song writer

15 Years - NEW ALBUM - available April 6th 2019


#1 on Canadian Indie Charts


#1 on Reverbnation's Canadian National Indie Charts.  A huge feat that has opened a few international opportunities for Ryan.


'15 Years' Album is Complete


With the amazing response to the Otters EP released in January of 2019, Ryan went back to the studio and complete his first full length profession record set for release on April 6, 2019. (But you can stream it above)

Record Release Party!


Saturday August 24th at the Simcoe Street Theatre, Ryan accompanied by many special guests will celebrate the release of his first major full length album in style, Tickets go sale in June. 



Born December 31, 1982, Ryan MacIntyre is a Canadian singer/ song writer based in Collingwood, Ontario.  Growing up, music was always an important part of his life. From the time he purchased his very first guitar at the age of 9 by saving money delivering Sears catalogs. Throughout his teenage years he entered countless talent contests and battle of the bands.  In 2004 he formed the punk rock band UncleUbb with his little brother/ best friend that released an album entitled “Umbrellas and Underwear”. He has since recorded several underground records entitled “His Underground Shit” and “All Filler, No Killer”. Ryan is celebrating his first professional release “15 Years” released April 6th, 2019. 

Punk rock was the scene for Ryan and he was influenced by bands like; Blink 182, NOFX, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Face to Face, Strung Out ect. Ryan writes about what he knows: His struggles with life, anxiety, relationships and addictions.  Ryan often finds great comfort in writing music as it help him to stay focused on his sobriety. Ryan has always known that he wanted a career in music. He hopes to spread his enthusiastic strums across the world and share his unique sound. 

Background: Ryan was born in Georgetown and moved to Collingwood at the young age of 4 with both of his parents. Soon there after, at the age of 10, his father left and hasn’t been a part of Ryan’s life since. With a deep seeded anger towards both of his parents, Ryan’s behavior became too much for his mother to handle and he was kicked out of the family home at the age of 14.  By the time Ryan hit 16 years he had dropped out of school to persue his career at Burger King and procured himself a bachelor apartment above the local strip club. It was at this time he started selling drugs to the employees at the club below his apartment and soon came to the conclusion that this might be a better career path than Burger King.  The next 10 years of Ryan’s life were very dark; multiple jail terms, detox’s and drug rehabs seemed to be his life until he met his wife at the age of 23 and they had their first child, Ryan Jr. Several years later they would have a baby girl named Brynn Elizabeth. 

Into his 30s, Ryan had given up the partying lifestyle and settled down at home with his family with almost all of his addictions under control, except for drinking. The excessive use of alcohol led to a 2 year separation in 2015. He then went on to date a few very questionable women that made Ryan decide that his wife and family were definitely worth giving up the alcohol for. After 1 year of being sober,  he has reconciled with his family and finally recorded a professional album. 

Before the album 15 Years, came an EP called “Otters”. 4 songs were recorded at Villa Sound and financed by Ryan by months of saving money that would have been spent on beer.  The intent for this EP was to serve as a demo to get gigs at local bars and pubs. The EP took off though and went to #1 on the Canadian Indie Charts within 2 weeks of it’s release. 1 month and 75,000 streams later, he went into the same studio (still self-financed) and finished the record 15 Years which is set for release on April 6th 2019.


Ryan MacIntyre - Everything is Fine (Official Music Video)

Because Everything is Fine

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